Headrest Systems

INVSBA1 - Dual 10.1" Seat-Back Entertainment System


Dual 10.1" Seat-Back Entertainment System

Experience In-Vehicle entertainment on a whole new level with our Dual Seatback Entertainment System. The INVSBA1 brings old school technology and current technology together so that all user can access and playback the content they choose without any restrictions. Have a favorite DVD collection? One monitor incorporates a DVD player where content can be shared on both system monitors. Are you a techy that likes to store movies and videos on portable storage devices like USB thumb drives and SD cards? No problem, both system monitors have USB, and Micro SD inputs and the USB inputs have the value-added benefit of also being able to provide charging support. Want to connect your favorite HDMI device? One monitor includes an HDMI input to connect your favorite game system or Smart Device and the content can be shared on both monitors. Are you like most of today's content-hungry consumers where you access movies, videos, games, and music through apps? This system will allow you to download and access your favorite apps for Unlimited content capabilities while cruising down the road!

INV8ZZ01 - 8" Touch Screen Monitors w/ Dual DVD Players & Dual Android Operating Systems

CONNECTED HD 8-inch with Android

8" Touch Screen Monitors w/ Dual DVD Players & Dual Android Operating Systems

Invision 8" Headrest Systems integrate tablet technology with our Custom Headrest DVD systems. We designed the Android operating systems to be non-removable to eliminate any concern of damage by taking what would be a standard tablet in and out of a vehicle. Tap into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and your backseat passengers can immediately enjoy all the features that Android has to offer - Surfing the Web or their favorite social networking sites, playing games, even streaming videos and movies. And, also enjoy the continuing support of our DVD systems.




INVISION continues to focus on providing greater connectivity for an enhanced rear seat entertainment experience. Our premium headrest products come with HDMI/MHL inputs, delivering unlimited options in high-definition content delivery without having to sacrifice traditional DVD viewing. Of course, these new products have been developed to meet the exceptional engineering and reliability standards that INVISION has become synonymous with over the years from leading electronics to stylish design to their factory look & feel. The new ConnectedHD 8" Headrest System is our flagship product, an exclusive innovation. To begin with, no other system available today comes with our generous 8" screen. And to enhance the gaming experience even further, the ConnectedHD 8" as an optional Game Pack plug-in game module pre-loaded with (54), 32-bit video games and two (2) wireless controllers. (Model # MVGP1) Each child has the flexibility to watch a movie and/or play a game, remaining fully engaged for the journey.

INV7SS - 7" HD Dual DVD Monitor System


7" HD Dual DVD Monitor System

Our new ConnectedHD 7" system outperforms the competition in quality standards and meticulous attention to detail. INVISION always adheres to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, while perfectly matching vehicle-specific interior and electrical requirements. Unlike generic products that are re-branded, we design solutions that are engineered to fit and always built to last. These systems incorporate certified HDMI/MHL inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI/MHL enabled device, smart phone, tablet, even Smart-TV devices. This provides delivery of high-definition audio and video content without losing the use of the DVD. That's smart, and it makes the entertainment possibilities literally, endless.