Invision : Headrest Systems : INV8ZZ01

8" Touch Screen Monitors w/ Dual DVD Players & Dual Android Operating Systems

Flexible HDMI

Model :  INV8ZZ01

Invision 8" Headrest Systems integrate tablet technology with our Custom Headrest DVD systems. We designed the Android operating systems to be non-removable to eliminate any concern of damage by taking what would be a standard tablet in and out of a vehicle. Tap into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and your backseat passengers can immediately enjoy all the features that Android has to offer - Surfing the Web or their favorite social networking sites, playing games, even streaming videos and movies. And, also enjoy the continuing support of our DVD systems.


  • 8" Monitors with Dual Android operating systems (No DVD)

  • 8" DVD Monitor & Android Monitor
  • 8" Dual DVD Monitors
  • FactoryMatch replacement headrests with dual DVD players
  • Android operating system
  • Fast dual-core processor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • SD Card input
  • Thin 8" Touch Screen Digital LCD with LED Backlit Panel
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Smartphone & Tablet Playback
  • Adjustable tilt screens
  • 800 RGB x 480 resolution
  • USB input (with charging)
  • A/V-input/output
  • Full FM Band wireless FM transmitter
  • FM-out (optional FMDIRB required to hardwire FM Modulator)
  • (2) fold-flat wireless headphones
  • (2) Remote controls
  • Separate Game Pack- plug-in game module pre-loaded with (54), 32-bit video games and 2 wireless controllers
  • Covers over 1000 vehicle applications