Invision : Brand History

Brand History

Rear seat entertainment is one of the most demanded options on new cars and is even a significant market for used car accessories, For years INVISION has been a standard bearer in this market whether it be providing rear seat entertainment for the OEMs, the Port Installation facilities or new and used car dealers alike. At INVISION we pride ourselves on designing and producing the most attractive and innovative rear seat entertainment products available today.

The INVISION philosophy has always been one of complete customer service and we consider our dealer partners the keystone of our mutual success. We develop service and support programs tailored to fit the unique needs of our customer base. We provide core exchange on warranty parts, as well as an unique Factory Match Warranty™ that provides added security to the dealer a feature that many competitors simply cannot provide.

We built our reputation on innovative product combined with world class support . Our customers are our partners and we strive to maintain strong working relationships with every one of them. They are the cornerstone of our success..